Selected Poems

"Marriage", "Raptor", "Clams"
Poetry International, Fall 2018

"The Red Forest, Рыжий лес", "Crane"
the Paris American, March 2017  

The Los Angeles Review, Spring 2016

"A Beaver and His Pile of Wood", "Vera Beneath the Floorboard", and "Firefly"
Blackbird, Fall 2015

"Adoration", "American Radiance", and "Crane Fly"
West Branch, Winter 2015

"Poem for the Man Playing Piano in Front of a Wall of Police"
Mudlark, 2014

"Translating Ashes", "If You Were Wondering About the Couple Who Owns the Funeral Home", "Rumi in the Mouth of the Snake", "What is True for Birds", and "Needlework"
PANK, Spring 2013

"Records of Failed Weapons of WWII"
Camroc Press Review, Spring 2013

"Message From a Peeping Tom Named Tom", "In Every Plum"
Ninth Letter, Fall 2012

"In the Moonlight", "This Was His Garden"

A-Minor Magazine, 2012


Anderbo, 2012

"Moscow Circus", "The Seduction of Masha by Rasputin", "Hands"

Neon Literary Magazine, 2012

Interviews and Profiles

Profile on Houston Public Media - National Poetry Month: “Schwarzenegger in Prayer”

Interview with Brazos Bookstore- Texas, Sexy Grocery Stores, and Making a Home: Alexis Interviews Luisa Muradyan, author of AMERICAN RADIANCE

Interview with Cheburashka Collective-The Cheburashka Collective: New Poetry of the post-Soviet Diaspora

University of Houston Student Profile- UHCWP Student Spotlight- Luisa Muradyan